Prostate Cancer Canada Network - Thunder Bay
1100 Memorial Avenue - Suite 374
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 4A3

Phone: 1-807-627-0333

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New Member Information Sheet

Welcome to the Prostate Cancer Canada Network – Thunder Bay support group.  Our monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the 55 Plus Centre on River Street in Thunder Bay, ON.


1.   Annual  B.B.Q. - 3rd Thursday of June

                               2.   Christmas Social - 3rd Thursday of December



Prostate Cancer Canada Network – Thunder Bay

1100 Memorial Ave. Suite 374 Thunder Bay, ON P7B 4A3

807 627-0333


Prostate Cancer Canada Network-Thunder Bay

The first object of the group is to establish and maintain an awareness program concerning the need for early detection of prostate cancer.  To achieve this goal we

buy public advertising in newspapers, radio and television.  We hold public meetings with guest speakers from the health care community; e.g. urologists, radiation oncologists and members of associated care groups.  We will produce and supply brochures, posters and other literature regarding prostate cancer to pass out at health fairs and other appropriate locations and events.

Object number two is to provide support to prostate cancer survivors and their families. To accomplish this we establish and maintain a telephone service 807-627-0333 to answer questions and give support.  A quarterly newsletter of articles of interest is published and distributed and is archived on our website   Monthly meetings are held to share information and provide educational and emotional support.  We maintain a website with current announcements and archived talks.  We also link to the national Prostate Cancer Canada Network site with all of their resources.

The third object is to support satellite prostate cancer support groups throughout Northwestern Ontario.  To achieve this object, members of the executive travel to the outlying communities, including First Nation communities, to meet prostate cancer survivors, promote awareness of our group and assist in establishing local groups.  We distribute our monthly newsletter and other educational materials as requested by members of the satellite groups. When requested, we also meet with patients from the region when they are in Thunder Bay.

The last object is to donate money to cancer research groups and like-minded cancer support charities, as finances allow.  The executive board will decide on disbursement of any excess funds.