5th Annual Rural Health Fair

Saturday May 14th, 2016

12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Kakabeka Falls Public School

"Cultivating Our Community Roots"

1 porter Street

Kakabeka Fall ON P0T 1W0




Thursday, April 21, 2016

10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre



Canadian Champions in 1958 - Redskins Football Team 

Giving back to the Community.


Presenting the cheque to Ed Long, were Rob McCormick, 80; Elmer Auld, 91; Bob Cameron, 81; John Shelling, 72; and Bob Loney, 83. 

Thank You for your support and example. 



2015 Events and Activities



July 25th


11:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Come On Down!!!


PCCN-Thunder Bay

Video Release

A Man’s Story

PCCN-Thunder Bay officially released A Man’s Story, a video on prostate cancer and the importance of its early detection and treatment, on January 23 at the Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre. The video features aboriginal elders Freda McDonald, Gerry Martin, Mark Sault and family members of the late aboriginal elder Richard Lyons who died in 2005 from prostate cancer. The target audience for A Man’s Story is aboriginal men, their families and communities. The video has been translated into Ojibway, Cree and Oji-Cree dialects. Funding for A Man’s Story was provided by Prostate Cancer Canada and PCCN-Thunder Bay.

The meeting was called to order by Bill Everitt, the MC for the event, who welcomed everyone on behalf of PCCN-Thunder Bay. Aboriginal elders and video narrators Freda McDonald and Gerry Martin conducted an opening (smudging) ceremony prior to the formal program. The Indian Friendship Centre was thanked for the use of their facility and it was recognized that the event was taking place on the traditional land of the Fort William First Nations.

Grant Arnold, vice-president brought greetings from the organization on behalf of President Ed Long and spoke of the commitment of PCCN-Thunder Bay over the past 20 years to assist men and their families who are dealing with prostate cancer. Marilyn Junnila, a member of the national prostate cancer Advisory Board and a member of the video Production Advisory Committee recognized the video participants, presenting personal copies of the videos and packets of tobacco to Freda McDonald, Gerry Martin, Marge Lyons, Verna Legarde, and Kathy Beck.

Jim Hyder, the Director for the video, gave a brief background to the video as did Gerry Martin who had seen previous videos developed by the group but said “when I viewed these other videos as good as they were I did not see myself or my people in them”. The current video, A Man’s Story, is a direct result of this.

A thirteen minute clip of the English version of the video was viewed and was followed by comments from members of the audience. John Rafferty, MP for the federal electoral district of Thunder Bay-Rainy River, complimented PCCN-Thunder Bay for the excellent video and encouraged us to find ways to distribute it as broadly as possible. Ontario Regional Grand Chief Stan Beardy echoed Mr. Rafferty’s comments and pointed out the challenges of providing both preventative and diagnostic activities such as PSA testing in the remote north. He expressed concern that Health Canada emphasizes acute and chronic care activities in the north with very little emphasis on public health. Furthermore, he stated that nurses from southern Ontario are often placed for short periods in northern nursing stations lacking in both community and cultural awareness.

The well attended video launch had over 50 people representing numerous organizations including: Chiefs of Ontario, Fort William First Nations, Whitesands First Nations, Lac des Milles Lac First Nations, several areas of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Cancer Care Ontario, Dilico, The Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre, and Mishko Bimoadziwin Family Support Services.

PCCN-Thunder Bay’s Board of Directors was out in numbers ensuring that the event was well organized. Thanks to the following: Grant Arnold, Bill Vantour, Bill Bartley, Lorne Sampson, Steve Dychko, Ray Turcotte, Dennis Perron. Special thanks go to Marilyn Junnila who prepared trays of homemade bannock.  


2014 Events and Activities



November 20th General Meeting

7:00 p.m. 55 Plus Centre, River Street.

Making non-invasive treatment of prostate cancer a reality for everyone. 

There were about 50 people at the live presentation November 20th.  If you missed it and want to hear about the development of HIFU in Thunder Bay, you can watch it here. About 250 people have watched Dr. Singal’s presentation. 147 live and 100 since then.

 Instructions for watching archived presentation by  PCCN-Thunder Bay speaker, Dr. Laura Curiel, on Thursday, November 20, 2014. "Making non-invasive treatment of prostate cancer a reality for everyone"


1. Click on this link or copy and paste it into your browser.  www.pccnthunderbay.org

 2. Now click “Events” on the top.  This will open a box that says “Trinity Online”.

3. Below the “Trinity Online” box is a tab that says “On-Demand”. Scroll down and you will find: Prostate Cancer Canada Network-Thunder Bay– November 20, 2014.  The meeting begins at about 10 on the counter at the bottom of the screen and her talk begins at about 20.

 4. You can watch it in full screen by clicking the box in the lower right corner of the picture. You can adjust the volume with the slider to the left of the same box and with the controls on your computer.

 At the same site, you will find services and lectures recorded at Trinity United Church in Thunder Bay. If you find them, you are at the right spot.  If you scroll farther down, you will find the talk by Dr. Singal from September there also.


PCCN-Thunder Bay members and friends,

Today the Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health recommended stopping PSA testing for screening for prostate cancer.  They also recommended against mammograms for breast cancer.  Please see the response below from Prostate Cancer Canada and click the blue print to link to more information.

 We just had 185 men screened in “Men Make it Happen”.  Men were excited to participate because they knew men that were helped last year in the free screening.

 Dr. Singal spoke about the value of PSA testing. To hear his presentaion scroll down to Trinity Live, "ON DEMAND" and follow the directions to find the place in his talk to hear it again.


"Men Make It Happen"

And you did!

185 men took advantage of the free PSA screening event on September 28th, 2014, sposored by Northwestern Ontario Prospectors Association, Thunder Bay Used Car Superstore, LifeLabs and PCCN-Thunder Bay.

An event cannot happen without volunteers.  While we had many hands helping shown here are just a few.  Of course Brian, Bill and Ray are among our hardiest and consistent volunteers. Right photo show just two of the LifeLab volunteers who gave of their time. I was told by one that there were so many volunteers that LifeLab had to hold a draw to see who got to come and help. What fantastic people.

Far right shows Beth Long helping one of the 185 gentlemen who arrived. Bottom left shows the spirit of one of Thunder Bay’s favourite bands, Flipper Flannigan’s Flat Footed Four. Also providing music were Phil Junnila, Richard Pepper with his band and the Hilldale Boys and Girls contributed as well. A great big thanks to Jamie Gerow who provided sound for the event.

Greeting guests as they arrived were a number of folks from the Thunder Bay Antique car club. What beautiful vehicles on display!

Thank you to everyone who participated! 









“Detecting Prostate Cancer in 2014 

Learning from our experience”

A great success.



The evening with Dr. Singal was a great success. The photo's below show:

Top left; Long time member Steve Dychko thanks Dr. Rajiv Singal. Top right; Mayor Keith Hobbs declares September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Middle left shows Mayor Hobbs with our President Ed. Long.  The right photo features members of the Board of Directors, Mayor  Hobbs and Dr. Singal.

Lower left has some of the guys asking if the cake matches their ties while at the bottom our 20th Anniversary Cake is featured.

Thanks to all who made this night such a memorable one.






I hope you can attend and bring family and friends to hear Dr. Singal speak on 
“Detecting Prostate Cancer in 2014 – Learning from our experience.”  7:00 at the Italian Cultural Centre.

 If you are not able to attend, you can live stream it from your computer at home, or you can watch it from the archives.  The instructions below will help you do that.

 Remind family and friends about the free PSA screening event “Men Make it Happen” Sunday afternoon at 55plus  12:30-4:30.  You don’t need to have your PSA tested there, but you can enjoy the music and visit with the men and women who attend.


Instructions for watching PCCN-Thunder Bay speaker, Dr. Rajiv Singal,   “Prostate Cancer Detection 2014-Learning from our Experience”



  Click the tab that says, “On-Demand”. Scroll down the archives and you will find:Thursday 9/25/14. Click on it and then the right facing triangle to begin the video.  Move the slider at the bottom of the screen to advance or to replay a section. The counter will show your place as you move ahead or back.

 You can watch it in full screen by clicking the box in the lower right corner of the picture. You can adjust the volume with the slider to the left of the same box and with the controls on your computer.

Index/Synopsis of

“Prostate Cancer Detection 2014 – Building from our Experience”

Lecture by Dr Rajiv Singal  18-Sept-2014


Numbers on the counter and the topic covered in the archived lecture below. The instruction to watch the lecture are below.


28        Welcome

39        Introduction

44        Prostate Cancer most common cancer other than skin cancer. History and          statistical information. Do not see advanced disease as often as 20 years ago. Survival rates are increasing.

49        Description of PSA and what it does.

50        Risk factors and who needs to be treated.

51        American Urological Association Guidelines May 2013 – This may miss the mark for PSA screening

53        BPH  (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia – “enlarged prostate”)

            - the effect of Avodart on PSA – A man should have PSA before starting on Avodart  because it reduces the PSA by half.

55        An enlarged prostate and PSA

56        Controversy in the press and is PSA a useful test?  The Dilemma

59        Age at diagnosis and the severity of disease. Younger when diagnosed usually means more aggressive disease.

1:00     PSA is the best tumour marker that we have right now. A man with an increased PSA is twice as likely to have cancer as a woman with an abnormal mammogram.

1:01     The down side of PSA. PSA may be normal but the man has prostate cancer.  PSA may lead to unneeded biopsies and their risks. Finding cancer may automatically start the treatment machinery.

1:03     PSA screening does work. We have decreased prostate cancer mortality because of PSA. The problem with American Study and the value of European Study. The study needs to be long term because it is usually slow growing.

1:05     PSA of 4 was an arbitrary number set about 25 years ago. 20% of men with a PSA under 4 have prostate cancer.

1:06     Other tests beside PSA. PCA3 is a urine test that may be helpful but it cost $400 out of pocket. PHI is available in the US in the last year but is not available in Canada at this time.

1:09     What is the Way Forward?

            Making Better Decision on whom to biopsy

             Use of Risk Calculators

            Identify Meaningful disease better

             New molecular markers, genes


            Separate Diagnosis from Treatment

             Requires rigorous counseling and education

            Improved Treatment options and lessen side effects

1:11     Risk Calculators can help predict if a man has prostate cancer. You can Google      “Sunnybrook Risk Calculator” or “Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator University of Texas.”

1:14     The importance of a 40 year old getting his baseline PSA.  If it is .6 or below, your odds   of having prostate cancer are less.  If you are 45-50 years old with a PSA over 1.0, your risk is higher. This may indicate how you need to be followed. A man 60 or older with a   PSA of less than 1 or 2 may not need to continue screening. Age, risk factors and PSA  can help determine who is more at risk and needs regular screening and help spend Health Care Dollars wisely.

1:18     Melbourne Consensus statement on Prostate Cancer Testing August 2013. This seems the most reasonable way to proceed:

            1. Age 50-65 PSA testing reduces cancer-specific mortality

            2. Prostate Cancer diagnosis must be uncoupled from intervention

            3. PSA testing not alone but as part of multivariable approach

            4. Baseline PSA in 40s is useful for predicting future risk

            5. Older men in good health with >10 year life expectancy should not be denied PSA on the basis of age.

1:25     Prostate Cancer is not like other cancers.

1:26     Active Surveillance is different than watchful waiting because the goal is not treating  symptoms, but curing if necessary, and not harming by unnecessary treatment.

1:31     The Emerging Role of MRI

1:32     There are risks of having a biopsy. Infection is a serious side effect. MRI may help determine if a biopsy is needed.

1:35     Breast Cancer detection is 15 years ahead of Prostate Cancer detection. Pi Rades is a scoring system used with MRI but the cost is high. May be used with new use of Risk Calculators helping determine when the cost of MRI is worth it. May take a few years.

1:38     May use MRI when there is a PSA dilemma. PSA rising but biopsy does not find disease.

1:39     Prostatic evasive anterior tumours may not be detected by biopsy.

1:41     Role of MRI in Active Surveillance

            If they saw something on MRI and biopsied it, they found that most of those men needed treatment.

            If they did not finding something on MRI, 95% of the men did not develop prostate cancer that needed treatment.

1:46     Closing Comments

            -Prostate Cancer is Common

            -Can range from harmless to lethal

            -Establish one’s individual risk profile is key…know your number

            -Find a Health Care Professional with interest/understanding of nuances of the disease

            -Define one’s disease. “Finding the big fish”. Does your disease need to be treated

            -Separate the premise that diagnosis leads to treatment

1:50     Q&A

            What is a normal PSA for an enlarged prostate? A high PSA is high.

            Effect of dye on kidney when having MRI? Not unless there are kidney problems.

1:55     Does a biopsy release the cancer to spread? No

            What can you tell us about the drugs to treat an enlarged prostate? 2 drugs talked about.

2:00     How long should Avodart be taken? Takes 6 months to take effect and can stay on it indefinitely.

2:03     What is the treatment that is “seeds implanted”? Brachytherapy described.

2:07     Does Saw Palmetto camouflage PSA? No

2:08     Should a man have a DRE? Yes. It is a core exam for men. It is for other cancers too.

            Using antibiotics to bring down a high PSA does not help. Having antibiotics within the 6 months preceding a biopsy increases the risk of an infection.

2:11     How often do they miss the cancer on a repeat biopsy? The number is small.

2:15     Can prostate cancer risk come from the mother’s side? Yes

2:16     How do robotic and open surgery compare? The successful cancer outcome depends on the surgeon not the type of surgery.  Robotic results in faster discharge from hospital, less blood loss, less scarring of bladder neck. Urinary and sexual functions are not different. Surgeons who do more surgeries may do better whichever way they do it.

2:23     Is there less risk of infection with Robotic surgery? No

2:24     Thank you to Dr. Singal





Remember that our public meeting on

Thursday, September 25 7:00 at the Italian Cultural Centre 

will replace our usual 3rd Thursday meeting at 55Plus.


Join us and celebrate 20 years of providing education & peer support for men with prostate cancer at our Prostate Cancer Awareness Month activities. 


Don't foget to tell family and friends so that they know too.



"Prostate Cancer Detection in 2014 -  Building from Our Experiences"


Dr. Rajiv K Singal  MD, FRCSC

Endourology, Urologic Cancer and Robotics Surgery, Toronto East General Hospital


Members and friends of PCCN-Thunder Bay,


Please click on the the link below to see Dr. Singal’s very interesting blog on the importance of being aware of the mental health as well as the physical health when treating illness. 


Dr. Singal wrote this on the email link to his blog.  “With the upcoming celebrity softball tournament in support of TEGH I was inspired to write this piece last night after receiving a letter from Jim Eliopoulos.  His son was a talented baseball player who tragically took his life.   I would love any comments  at the bottom as always.  Please be sure to click on  "Letter of Gratitude from a Father to his son" found within the blog.”


In the blog, to see the letter he is referring to, or to open other things that he refers to, click on the works in blue print.  It is well worth a few minutes.

If the link does not work for you then please copy the link and paste into your browser.





If you are in Thunder Bay, invite your brothers, sons and friends to hear him on Thursday, September 25th at the Italian Cultural Centre.  If you are in the region receiving this, watch for the instructions to link to his talk via livestream.  I hope to send them by email later today.


Ed Long


Thursday, 25-September-2014  7:00pm

Italian Cultural Centre




“Men Make It Happen”  Free PSA Screening


Sunday, 28-September-2014 12:30-4:30

55Plus Centre on River Street


Bring your OHIP Card!


Lakehead Antique and Classic Car Club Display


Music by: Phil Junnila

Flipper Flannigan’s Flat Footed Four

Richard Pepper

Hilldale Boys





After returning from our trip visiting towns in NOW and giving open meetings about prostate cancer, I got the report from our vice-president, Brian Scott about Kaitlyn Piles presentation.  “She is a lovely young lady, competent and gave an excellent presentation. There were about 48 people in attendance.” Kaitlyn is from the Continence Clinic at St. Joes.


I missed her presentation, so I will be at the teleconference Monday, May 26 at 7 in St Joes.  If you missed the meeting or want to hear it again, come to the area by the elevator at St Joes shortly before 7.  Someone will meet you and show you to the basement teleconference room.


Ed Long


Bring your calendars to the May 15th meeting.  We can use your help and your speaking about prostate cancer helps others know they can deal with it like you are.

 Monday, May 26 7:00     If you miss the meeting with Kaitlyn on the 15th, or want to hear it again, come to the teleconference room in the basement of St. Joe’s. Come to the stairs by the elevator and someone will direct you to the room. Kaitlyn will be sharing her knowledge on continence rehabilitation.

 Saturday, June 7 11-4 BBQ at Marks. It is a busy day at the store and lots of people stop for information and a sausage.  Sign up to help.

 Friday June 13 is the Relay for Life. Bring your Survivor’s Victory Lap form back, or fill one out at the meeting.  Come and walk with us. We need the Luminary purchase forms back at this meeting too. $5 to purchase a candle to remember or honour someone. These look wonderful and inspirational around the track. We need these forms at our May 15th meeting.

 Thursday, June 19 is our Beef-on-a-Bun meeting.  We gather at 5:00 get the salads and desserts that you bring laid out and get ready to eat and talk with friends.  It is at 55Plus.

 Bordercats games will begin and we will be doing the 50/50 draws again.  We don’t know the dates yet, but give your name to Bill Horde and he will call you when he has the schedule. Fun, exercise selling tickets and a ball game makes a good evening.

 Thursday, August 14 2-8 is the Rural Health Fair  Volunteer to spend some time at our display and spread the word of early detection and the support we offer.

 We will have our regular meetings during the summer.  3rd Thursday of the month at 55Plus


See you there.


Ed Long





Men of PCCN-Thunder Bay and the region,

To members of PCCN-Thunder Bay and the region,

We have been invited to join in and Active Surveillance Focus Group with Marg Fitch – Thursday, April 24, 2014   7-9pm 55Plus in Thunder Bay

It will be a discussion about how we made the decision to go on Active Surveillance, or Watchful Waiting it was called when I was diagnosed, or active treatment.  She has met with men from urban regions, but wants to meet with other men and has asked us to participate. To qualify for this group you must fit the following requirements.


1. You were offered Active Surveillance but opted for treatment

2. You have been on Active Surveillance but switched to treatment

3. You are currently on Active Surveillance

It will be a round table discuss about why and how you made your decision.

If you would like to participate in this discussion about the decision making process, please respond with your Name & phone/email.


Studies like this will help men make good decisions in the future.


Thank you for your consideration of this.


Ed Long, President

PCCN-Thunder Bay



“The Good Old DRE” 

At our March 20th meeting, we will take a look at ourselves through humour. Laughter, and the release of endorphins, brings physical and emotional pain relief.  We usually have a good deal of humour at our meeting, but at this one, “807 Improv” will be leading it.  Richard Pepper, who wrote “The Good Old DRE” is part of the group and will sing the song for us. Come ready to laugh and learn.  Regular time and place: 7:00pm 55Plus on River St.

2014 Events and Activities



We are sorry to tell you that Peter MacDonald, the speaker for the video conference has to be away because of a family emergency and we are unable to arrange another speaker at this late date.  The March 17 video conference with the communities in the region will be a video conference meeting between the leaders in Thunder Bay and the leaders in the region.


Ed Long

PCCN-Thunder Bay members and supporters,

 You are invited to participate in the video conference we will be broadcasting on Monday, January 27 at 7:00pm from St Joseph’s Hospital.  It is a video conference to regional groups for their education and to support their local programs. They are about to ask questions and comment from their location.  You will be the live audience in front of the presenter in Thunder Bay.

 On January 27, Peter MacDonald, who spoke at our November meeting, will be speaking again on the role of communication in the treatment of prostate cancer.  If you missed his well-received presentation you are welcome.  If you want to come again with questions or thoughts that you didn’t get to voice in November, you are welcome.

 Peter will be speaking about how we can clarify issues, fight fears, communicate with doctors, communicate with families and more.  Good communication can make or break this experience, and he will help us find ways to make it better through good communication.

 The video conference room is in the basement of St. Jo’s.  Take the elevator to the basement and walk around the wall facing you when you exit the elevator and you will be there.

 All are welcome.

 Ed Long






Fort William Male Choir Prelude To Christmas

once again allowed us to have an information booth at the

community auditorium during their performances.

Also shown below is Tim Slack accepting a Christmas donation from

FWMC President Gerrard Trembley. 

Tim Slack and Gerrard Trembley.JPG


Once again PCCN-Thunder Bay is at the forefront of Prostate Cancer information.  
Shown here is Beth long and Bill Bartley taking their turn at our information booth during the 55 Plus Centre's Open House.
Beth Long and Bill Bartley at the 2013 55+ Open House..jpg



MAKES DONATION of $7,500.00 to PCCN Thunder Bay

Ryan Syroid (General Manager) presents cheque to Prostate Cancer survivors.  L to R: Steve Dychko -  PCCN Honorary Lifetime  Member , Ryan Syroid ,  Bill Horde- PCCN Fundraiser Chairman, Cy Zurba -PCCN Director. Proceeds will directly benefit men in Thunder Bay.

Applebees Donation Nov 30 2013(resized).jpg



  2013 Thanks to Valley Central.jpg
Robert Danylko with his grandson Conner.jpg
Valley Central girls.jpg








Photos: (top)Thank you to Dawn Murray of Little Lions Day Nursery and Valley Central and all of the students.

(bottom left) With Robert Danylko is his grandson, Conner, a student at Valley Central.

(bottom right) The three girls are the Valley Central student organizers and will be dying Principal Mr. Glen Cunningham's Movember mustache pink because they raised more than $250.  A picture of that may follow from Dawn.

It was all great fun!  Thank you!



Welcome to the new Executive for 2013

President: Ed Long  *   Vice President: Brian Scott   *   Past President: Bill Vantour

Secretary/Treasurer : Bill Bartley


 Welcome to our new Directors after the 2013 AGM Elections


New directors 2013 AGM.jpg

(l/r) Jim Holmes, Robert Danylko and Bob Lavoie

Thank you for your service gentlemen!




Video Conferencing

Regional Groups


       On Monday, September 23, 2013, our first Video Conference will take place from St. Joseph’s Hospital @ 7:00 pm EST.  The presentation by Evelyn Armstrong is all about PSA Testing.  Evelyn is the manager of the Diagnostic Laboratory at Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre. Live at 7 p.m. for about an hour and then Q&A for about 1/2 hour.



PCCN Sept 2013.jpg


If you have a lab slip from your doctor, you can bring it.

If not, bring your Ontario Health Card and you can obtain one at “Men Making it Happen.”



Donation to TBRH Cancer Centre.jpg

 PCCN-Thunder Bay donates $8500 to Thunder Bay Regional Cancer Centre to help with radiation treatments.

 The donation will purchase Knee and Foot Lock Positioners.  These will help Prostate Cancer Patients who are receiving radiation to remain still and comfortable during the treatments.

 The donation will also purchase Sterile Gold Markers, which are placed in the prostate to allow precise targeting of the cancer cells, and thus, reduction of harm to healthy tissue.





June 9th


presented by


Arthur Street


Safeway logo.jpg
Royal Canadian Legion, 229 Van Norman St.
Take Out 2-5 p.m. $10.00
Eat In 5-7 p.m. $12.00
Tickets available at the service desk or at the door


June 13th



Mark's Work Wearhouse

10 a.m. to 8 p.m.




June 14th


Canadian Cancer Society



Saturday, June 15th



Arthur Street Safeway

(corner of Edward)

Rent your spot for only a $10.00 donation

8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

"first come first serve for the best spots"

buy your tickets at the Customer Service Counter 



Saturday, June 22nd


Come and meet local Prostate Cancer Survivors and other volunteers as all local Safeway Staff help raise needed funds for research. 

Safeway logo.jpg
Phil and Marilyn Junnila with some of the Safeway team.  $16,600 raised with one day to go!.JPG

Above photo shows some of last years volunteers at the Arthur Street Store.  We'll be there again so come on by and say hello.

Many draws and even fresh popcorn help raise funds! 


May 16th meeting

The speakers will focus on the 2 prostate cancer treatment side effects that cause problems for most of us: erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

 There will be 2 nurses from BLISS Angela Saunders and Lori Hygaard.   BLISS stands for Balancing Life, Intimacy, Sexuality and Survivorship

  There will also be a physiotherapist Susanna Puiras,  who has taken advanced training to treat pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. 

 Put it on your calendar. 


We have been contacted by CCS seeking our help in manning their proposed daffodil sites.  They require personnel to work 2-hour shifts at various sites across the city from Wednesday April 3 to Sunday April 7, between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


   Some are located at:


-- Walmart (2)   

-- LCBO Stores (3)

-- Northern Credit Union (2)

-- Superstore

-- Scaffs


If you wish to assist them, please contact Patti Cameron at CCS 344-5433.



January 17th, 2013

Monthly meeting 7 p.m.

55+ Centre, River Street

Featuring  a Power Point Presentation


Dr. Terry Hill 

During the last 18 months, Dr. Hill has been part of 32-person Committee organized by Cancer CareOntariocalled the “Disease Pathway Management Team for Prostate Cancer”.

Their mission was to look at how men are diagnosed and the treatment and pathway that men have had to follow.  Their purpose was to streamline and improve the system.

 The results of the committee’s work are available on the Cancer Care Ontario Website under “Pathway”.

 Dr. Hill’s presentation will present their findings as well as their recommendations.


2012 Recent Events or Activities at


PCCN - Thunder Bay


December  Christmas Social


This year our Christmas Social was held in the Auditorium of the 55+ Centre.  There was a full turn out for the fun, prizes and food.  Special recognition was given to Bill Horde and Stan Cano for the hard work they have put in month after month, year after year.


                          Bill Horde Christmas 2012.JPG  Stan Cano Christmas 2012.JPG  Lots of food and fun Christmas 2012.JPG

A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all.






TD Donation.jpg




Top photo:

TD Canada Trust opened their new bank and as part of their celebration made a $5000 donation to a charity of their choice. They chose PCCN-Thunder Bay. We were honoured and pleased to receive it.