Prostate Cancer Awareness Month   

 Public Meeting


Celebrating Our Successes and Looking Forward to More 

We have good research and advances in treatments happening here in Thunder Bay. 

Diagnosis and treatment is not the same as it was for the last generation of men.  

“Come, learn more and celebrate with us” 


Guest Speaker: Dr. Walid Shahrour 

September 12, 7:00pm, 55 Plus Centre,  

700 River Street, Thunder Bay On 

All Are Welcome 

Hosted by Prostate Cancer Canada Network-Thunder Bay  



September 2019 

PCCN Men’s Coffee Group:  

 Every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month

 A&W, 526 Memorial Avenue, 10:30 am


Men Make It Happen 

 Men’s Health & Free PSA Screening 

 Sunday, September 29th, 2019 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM

at 55 Plus Centre, 700 River St. 


✓ Urologist on site
✓ Free PSA Screening 

 Bring your Ontario Health Card! 

 Prostate Cancer Awareness Month   

 Screening & early detection saves lives. 


Signs or symptoms of prostate cancer are not always present. Difficult, urgent, frequent or painful urination or ejaculation, or the presence of blood should lead to investigation but don’t wait.   

 Are you one of the 1 in 7 men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer? 

 We understand!

We are here to support you! 



Men’s Health Event 

Sunday, September 29, 2019

55Plus Centre, 700 River Street


Free PSA, BP check, see urologist 

Doctors Speaking on Men’s Health Topics


12:00 Doors Open

12:15 Welcome by Dr. Walid Shahrour

12:30 Mini health exams and free PSA begins

1:00 Speaker: Dr. Ahmed Kotb on Prostate Cancer Today 

1:30 Speaker: Dr. Alyson Dykstra on Men and Diabetes – What

 You Can Do

2:00 Speaker: Dr. Chris Lai on Keeping Your Heart and Blood

 Vessels Healthy

2:30 Speaker: Dr. Walid Shahrour on Causes and Treatment of

 Erectile Disfunction

3:00 Speaker: Brian Edwards on Mental Health First Aid 

for Anxiety

3:30 Speaker : Andrew Koscielniak on Prostate Cancer Survivorship:

Exercise Guidelines & Recommendations

Bring your Health Card 

Men Make It Happen 

Prostate Cancer Information and Support Group 

7:00pm 3rd Thursday of each month

55Plus Centre, 700 River Street


PSA test infographic Jan 2019.pdf  


We are pleased to announce our Men’s Health Event

 Men Make It Happen for September 29, 2019.  

Some prostate cancer facts:

Every Day in Canada 

-an average of 58 men are diagnosed and 11 men die from the disease

-1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer

- if detected early survival is close to 100%

- if detected late 3 or 4 men will die of it.

In our 4th Men Make It Happen event, we have expanded from Free PSA and DRE to have speakers on men’s health issues. We want men to have the best quality of life possible. We hope that men and their spouses will spend the afternoon getting tested and getting informed. It may not be too late to make changes that make your life better.

We would be pleased if you can publicize it by posting or forwarding the information.

We have attached:      - 8 ½ X 11 poster of Men Make It Happen

                                    - hand out sized announcements of Men Make It Happen

                                    - PSA test Infographic

Thank you for your help and please contact us if you have questions.


Ed Long, president



Prostate Cancer Canada Network-Thunder Bay     807-627-0333

1100 Memorial Ave. - Suite 374

Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 4A3


Prostate Health Steering Committee 2019

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre has established a Steering Committee to provide direction on improving the process of diagnosing and treating men with prostate cancer. The Steering Committee has representation from all areas of the medical community including urologists, oncologists, pathology, research, finance, imaging, funding, as well as a Patient Family Advisor (PFA) recommended by PCCN-Thunder Bay. Bill Everitt was appointed as the PFA representing our group.

The Steering Committee held its second meeting in May and will meet again in the Fall. The voice of patients is important in the hospital’s commitment to patient centred care so a clear understanding of patient needs and experiences is important. If you as a prostate cancer patient or a family member have comments about the treatment or care that you have received and that you would like shared with the Steering Committee please share them with Bill ( so they may be brought forward.